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Peng2illa 1.5 Linux
Here is the Linux version of the game. Enjoy!
Kategorie:  Peng2illa

Grösse:  5651 kb 
Anzahl Downloads:  1937
18.07.2005 21:37 by Argoth:  Don't forget to come back and give some feedback :-)
20.07.2005 22:13 by chimera: this is one addictive game! simply awesome. have fun, chimy.
22.07.2005 15:32 by works fine here on my gentoo 2005.1 desktop it would be nice to have a way to slow down the speed the wagon is moving (options menu or something).
22.07.2005 17:08 by Argoth:  Thank you a lot for the feedback. We definitely appreciate it. btw. Sorry for the slow download. We hope that we'll find a few hosts for our game soon.
22.07.2005 17:24 by julien: how do you pronouce the name of the game ?
22.07.2005 17:59 by aed: pangzilla.. the speed of the wagon can be slowed down by pressing left mouse(brake) or you can change the sensivity with pagup/down during game, or in options screen
22.07.2005 22:01 by pete: Does this games require as the X server? I'm getting the following error when I try to run it... ./Peng2illa: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
23.07.2005 01:23 by Chaosspawn23: Nope, the lib is also available for XFree86. I had the same problem (I'm using debian) and found a solution after a minute of googleing or so ;) HTH!
23.07.2005 21:57 by krak: greate game!!
24.07.2005 01:13 by iceman: cool game!!
24.07.2005 04:20 by anonymous: No source? This really should be released as free software..
24.07.2005 14:17 by aed:  open source is just a matter of time! (we are too lazy to do that now :) )
26.07.2005 22:57 by Bob: No autopackage?
02.08.2005 02:50 by pepe: Hello, nice game. I love it. Im a programming student and I would like to get started in game develpment, but I already got stuck :). How do you go about implementing a loading screen, you know show a simple animation until all graphics are loaded? BTW best game ever created using ClanLib and nice web site to. Good Luck and keep up the good work. -p
06.08.2005 15:26 by Voyageur: Quite promising, but I'll wait for the source code release (btw, which license?) to let it stay on my amd64 box (32bit emulation...)
18.08.2005 13:37 by blub: 1 2 3 ich bin dabei
19.04.2006 11:15 by Maddog: What dependencies does that game have? /usr/lib/ no version information available Entering the main loop... No Config Files found, creating a new one Aborted And now the game is closed.. i cant start that game.
07.02.2010 16:20 by vorujack: its very good if can install it on mac ...
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