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Topic: Some questions   
First thanks for your nice game
Second, It hasnt any AI??Thats really needed
Third, I haven any map, background is the background image is not loaded.any help please...
Third, I tried to play but..server were empty
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Hi there,

First thanks for playing it

Second the AI might not be brilliant but it's still present
After creating (or joining) a server you can choose which team
you want to join. now before you click on one of the coloured
squares, look on the bottom of the screen. there you can choose
how good the AI is, and in which team it should play. by simply
clicking on the add button, the AI should appear in the chosen

Third, wow .. this is a new one. never had that. could you post
some specs? which OS, which hardware and especially which
verion of the game. If you tried the version 1.0 neither the AI
nor powerups are implemented. if so, try version 1.5.

Fourth, you were unlucky .. in the past few evenings, mostly
someone was on the official server.


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Topic: Some questions   

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